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美国总统及夫人、副总统或他们的高级幕僚经常给在白宫网站注册的网友来信, 信中还提供与他们互动的方式。 信的内容不难想象, 但这种作法值得称赞和学习,说明他们重视“政治思想工作”。 这样与老百姓一对一的沟通,利用现代技术并不难,但有几个国家元首/中央政府能做到? 有的只是有来无往,流于形式而已。难道中国官员们不能向美国政府学习一点他们的平易近人的作风吗?这种联系人民大众的口号好喊,但真正做起来不容易啊!下面是从2011年11月22日起收到的100多封主要邮件:

04/18/2014 电邮 (This is what change looks like)

04/15/2014 电邮 (A moment of silence for Boston)

04/11/2014 电邮 (President Obama: "When women succeed, America succeeds.")

04/08/2014 电邮 (Here’s what the President is doing to close the pay gap)

04/02/2014 电邮 (Add your name: America deserves a raise)

04/01/2014 电邮 (7.1 million Americans)

03/27/2014 电邮 (4 Days: Join more than 6 million people)

03/24/2014 电邮 (I need your help)

03/22/2014 电邮 (Calling all young chefs!)

03/21/2014 电邮 (The President's review of big data and privacy)

03/19/2014 电邮 (First Lady Michelle Obama: 12 days: One thing we all can do)

03/14/2014 电邮 (Watch: An interview With President Obama)

03/14/2014 电邮 (17 days left: Your letters)

3/10/2014 电邮 (The 2015 Budget Whiteboard)

03/07/2014 电邮 (We're looking for your feedback)

03/06/2014 电邮 (Watch Live: President Obama's First-Ever Spanish ACA Town Hall)

02/28/2014 电邮 (A little surprise from the President and the Vice President )

02/28/2014 电邮 (Today: The First-Ever White House Student Film Festival)

02/19/2014 电邮What $10.10 would mean for you

02/14/2014 电邮ACA Valentines: Share Yours

02/11/2014 电邮 (Photos: Inside the State Dinner)

02/12/2014 电邮What I signed today

02/07/2014 电邮Good Luck, Team USA!

01/29/2014 电邮 (Watch President Obama deliver the State of the Union)

01/28/2014 电邮 (President Barack Obama)

01/28/2014 电邮He reads at least 10 a day, from folks all across the country。)

01/22/2014 电邮WH Chief Speechwrier: What my day looked like

01/16/2014 电邮 (First Lady Michelle Obama)

01/14/2014 电邮Year of action

01/10/2014 电邮You can say this better than we ever could

01/09/2014 电邮 Partnering With Local Communities: The First Five "Promise Zones"

12/31/2013 电邮Lights. Camera. Education!

12/26/2013 电邮 (Dan Pfeiffer, The White House )

12/24/2013 电邮The Gingerbread White House

12/08/2013 电邮Here's what we're doing for the holidays

11/19/2013 电邮President Obama's Handwritten Tribute to the Gettysburg Address

11/21/2013 电邮Awarding Our Nation's Highest Civilian Honor

11/25/2013 电邮During the Holiday of Plenty, Remembering Those with Less

11/27/2013 电邮Something to think about this Thanksgiving

11/06/2013 电邮No one should be fired for who they are

11/04/2013 电邮Here's what getting covered sounds like)

10/22/2013 电邮Join the White House Fall Garden Instagram Meetup

10/09/2013 电邮 (Obama speech on Government Shutdown)

10/03/2012 电邮 (Government Shutdown)

09/30/2013 电邮 (Turning Lights Off)

09/27/2013 电邮Next time someone tells you they don't understand Obamacare

09/25/2013 电邮 (More options, for less)

09/19/2013 电邮6 in 10 Americans -- Are You One of Them?

09/17/2013 电邮 (Five years)

09/10/2013 电邮 (Syria)

09/10/2013 电邮 (Watch President Obama at 9:00 ET tonight)

09/02/2013 电邮 (The President's Labor Day Message)

08/31/2013 电邮President Obama's Decision on Syria

08/29/2013 电邮Keep marching)

08/28/2013 电邮Watch the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

08/20/2013 电邮 (A personal message)

08/16/2013 电邮 (You made this happen)

08/09/2013 电邮Here's what you need to know

08/06/2013 电邮 (Home means a lot)

07/30/2012 电邮 (Where do you stand on this?)

07/24/2013 电邮 (President Barack Obama spoke to students)

07/23/2013 电邮 (Good news for students!)

07/21/2013 电邮America is strongest when everybody's got a shot at opportunity -- not when our economy is winner-take-all, but when we're all in this together

07/18/2013 电邮 (Tangible good news)

07/16/2013 电邮 (Immigration reform means great things for the economy)

07/11/2013 电邮Don't let this get lost in the hubbub

07/10/2013 电邮 (Kids State Dinner Hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama)

06/27/2013 电邮How about this week?

06/25/2012 电邮Here's the plan to cut carbon pollution)

06/20/2013 电邮A great way to save some money)

06/14/2013 电邮We want this to be a conversation, so we made this video

06/11/2013 电邮He's trained engineers for 55 years

05/28/2013 电邮 (Faith, President Barack Obama)

05/08/2013 电邮Let's show we're a nation of immigrants


04/17/2013 电邮 (Dan Pfeiffer,Senior Advisor, the White House)

04/13/2013 电邮 (Presiden Barack Obama)

04/11/2013 电邮David Simas, Deputy Senior Advisor,The White House

03/28/2013 电邮 (David Simas, Deputy Senior Advisor, The White House)

03/22/2013 电邮 (Who deserves the Citizens Medal?)

03/15/2013 电邮How we shift America off oil

03/08/2013 电邮 (Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act)

03/01/2013 电邮 ( Automatic Budget cuts could affect millions)

02/14/2013 (2) 电邮 (Conversation with the President)

02/14/2013 电邮 (David Simas, Deputy Senior Advisor )

02/12/2013 电邮(David Simas, Deputy Senior Advisor )

01/31/2014 电邮 (Our immigration system is broken. It has been for some time)

01/24/2013 电邮 (Vice President Joe Beden talks with a group of people in a Google + hangout on gun control)

01/21/2013 电邮 (Vice President Joe Biden)

01/18/2013 电邮 (National Day of Service 全国义务劳动日)

01/16/2013 电邮 (Vice President Joe Biden )

01/09/2013 电邮 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

12/14/2012 电邮 (President Barack Obama)

12/11/2012 电邮 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

11/30/2012 电邮 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

11/29/2012 电邮 (President Barack Obama)

11/19/2012 电邮 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

11/09/2012 电邮 (What's Next)

10/29/2012 电邮 (The Latest on Hurricane Sandy)

09/21/2012 电邮400 Olympians and Paralympians gathered at the White House

09/05/2012 电邮 (Obama's administration in the palm of your hand)

09/01/2012 来信 (Serving those who served us)

08/19/2012 来信First Lady Michelle Obama

08/15/2012 来信 (11 facts about the tax debate)

08/02/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

07/26/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

07/18/2012 来信 (Have a Little Olympic Fun)

07/16/2012 来信 (Keep the conversation going)

07/09/2012 来信U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development video conference)

07/06/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

06/28/2012 来信 (The Supreme Court upheld the Health Care Reform)

06/25/2012 电邮 (Here's how to know if you'd qualify for refinancing)

06/13/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

06/09/2012 来信 (A "State Dinner" Just for Kids)

06/06/2012 来信 (What Do You Think?)

06/04/2012 来信 (Support Equal Pay for Equal Work)

05/29/2012 来信 (Memorial Day Message)

05/13/2012 来信 (Mother's Day Greetings)

05/11/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

05/09/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

04/24/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

04/18/2012 来信 (Nomination for 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal)

04/12/2012 来信What's your Buffett number?

04/06/2012 来信 ( Get Your Federal Taxpayer Receipt )

03/22/2012 来信 (Nancy-Ann DeParle,Deputy Chief of Staff)

02/17/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

02/14/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

01/27/2012 来信 (President Obama)

01/25/2012 来信 (on President Obama's State of the Union)

01/24/2012 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

01/23/2012 来信 (about President Obama's State of the Union Address on 01/24, Tuesday evening)

01/20/2012 来信 (about President Obama's State of the Union Address on 01/24, Tuesday evening)

12/24/2011 来信 (Happy Holidays from the Obama Family)

12/23/2011 来信 (President Obama)

12/20/2011 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

12/15/2011 来信 (President Obama)

12/10/2011 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

12/05/2011 来信 (David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President)

11/24/2011 来信 (Michelle Obama, wife of the President)

11/22/2011 来信 (Vice President)



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