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1 DOHMH Warns New Yorkers of Dangers of "Synthetic Marijuana" (04/20/2015)

1 Infant Mortality Rate in New York City Reaches Historic Low (1/30/2015)

1 Health Department Preliminary Test Results Indicate Legionella Bacteria in Co-Op City Cooling Towers (1/30/2015)

1 New Registry Study Finds Increased Injuries after Hurricanes (12/11/2014)

1 Active Monitoring Period for Health Care Workers Who Cared for New York City’s First Ebola Patient Ends Today (12/02/2014)

1 Retirement E-News (12/3/2014)

1 Data Show Blacks and Hispanics Represent an Overwhelming Majority of New HIV Diagnoses (12/1/2014)

1 Ever wish you could stop junk mail? You can! (11/30/2014)

1 DiNapoli: Former Crystal Beach Fire Department Treasurer Sentenced in More Than $82,000 Theft (11/16/2014)

1 Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli and United States Attorney for the Northern District Richard Hartunian Wednesday announced the arrest and indictment of New York State Assemblyman William Scarborough for allegedly stealing campaign funds and falsely collecting travel reimbursements. (10/5/2014)

1 Health Department Launches New Farm to Preschool Program (09/17/2014)

1 Health Department to Spray Pesticide to Reduce the Number of Mosquitoes and the Risk of West Nile Virus in Selected Parts of Queens (09/17/2014)

1 Health Department to Spray Pesticide to Reduce the Number of Mosquitoes and the Risk of West Nile Virus in Selected Parts of Queens (08/25/2014)

1 In Run Up to First Day of School, New Health and Safety Initiatives Fix Hundreds of Violations at Pre-K Centers (08/22/2014)

1 Health Department Launches New Ad Campaign Encouraging New Yorkers to Grab A Snack of Fruits or Vegetables (08/19/2018)

1 Just Published! - 2014 New York City Fire Code (08/18/2014)

1 NYC Civic Corps (06/13/2014)

1 Have some old-school fun at Street Games (05/26/2014)

1 Support Our Troops (05/15/2014)

1 DiNapoli: State Education Provider Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges (05/24/2014)

1 Be A Good Neighbor and Help Clean Up Orchard Beach (05/24/2014)

1 DiNapoli Expands Anti-Corruption Initiative (05/18/2014)

1 World's Fair Festival (05/13/2014)

1 Comptroller DiNapoli and A.G. Schneiderman Announce Indictment of NYC Councilman Ruben Wills in Public Corruption Scheme (05/11/2014)

1 DiNapoli: High-Tech is on the Rise in NYC (05/03/2014)

1 DiNapoli: Comcast Agrees To Disclose Political Spending (04/20/2014)

1 DiNapoli: Potsdam Audit Finds Missing Court Funds (04/13/2014)

1 DiNapoli Report Finds Medicaid Costs for Treating Asthma Rising (04/06/2014)

1 Comptroller DiNapoli and Attorney General Schneiderman Announce Three Arrests in $200,000 Contract Fraud (03/30/2014)

1 Lincoln Center Local HD hosts FREE screenings at local libraries in Queens (03/23/2014)

1 DiNapoli: Central NY Village Official Stole More Than $100K (03/22/2014)

1 Health Department Announces Annual Nicotine Patch and Gum Program Starts Today 03/04/2014

1 Health Department Unveils New Look and New Addition to NYC Branded Condoms Made By Lifestyles® (2/14/2014)

1 Health Department Launches New Ads Highlighting High Sugar Content of Fruit-Flavored Drinks, Energy Drinks, Sweet Teas and Sports Drink (02/11/2014)

1 Adoption and Foster Care Newsletter (01/22/2014)

1 Comptroller DiNapoli and A.G. Schneiderman Announce Arrest of Former Siemens Executive for Stealing from Monroe County Project

40 Join us for Pumpkin Fest on Sat, October 26 in Central Park

40 Fire Company President Stole $34,000

40 Arrest of Former Nonprofit Director For Involvement in Scheme to Steal More Than $5 Million

40 Health Department Launches Ad Campaign Highlighting Counseling Available for New Yorkers Affected by Hurricane Sandy

40 Health Department Releases Progress Report on City's Take Care New York 2012 Health Agenda

40 Comptroller DiNapoli Releases School Audits (09/15/2013)

40 Comptroller DiNapoli Releases School Audits (09/08/2013)

40 For The First Time, NYC Parks' "Learn to Swim" Program Will Be Offered To NYCHA Summer Campers in Manhattan and The Bronx (08/07/2013)

40 Health Department Launches "CalCutter," a Free Mobile App to Help Cooks Calculate and Reduce Calories in Recipes (08/02/2013)

40 Comptroller DiNapoli Releases Municipal Audits

40 State Recovers $46 Million in Medicaid Payments Following DiNapoli Audit

40 DiNapoli Releases Report on NY Power Authority

40 DiNapoli Audit Finds $1 Million in Questionable Sabbaticals and Paid Leave at SUNY Albany

40 One Person Dies of Diabetes-Related Causes Every 90 Minutes in New York City (08/1/2013)

40 DiNapoli: State Overpaid $7.8 Million For Hospital Admissions

40 Health Department to Spray Pesticide to Reduce the Number of Mosquitoes

40 A.G. Schneiderman & State Comptroller DiNapoli Announce Arrest of Not–For–Profit Executive in Five–Year Public Corruption Scheme

40 Nearly One out of Four 18 to 44 Year Olds Who Frequently Listen to Loud Headphones Report Hearing Problems

40 DiNapoli: ESDC Needs to Better Monitor Foreign Offices

40 The Health Department advises New Yorkers to take several simple steps to prevent mosquito and tick bites this summer

40 FREE Street Games

40 NYC Volunteer Opportunities

40 Calling all outdoor enthusiasts!

40 DiNapoli: NYC Rental Housing Less Affordable

40 DiNapoli: Auditors Uncover $3 Million in Improper Unemployment Insurance

40 Shop Healthy NYC makes healthy options available in areas with high rates of obesity and limited access to nutritious foods

40 Brooklyn and The Bronx Knows' HIV Testing Initiative linked 78% of those newly diagnosed to care

40 DiNapoli Finds Millions in Medicaid Overpayments (7/14/2013)

40 Protect Your Child from HPV (06/7/2013)

40 Have You Lost Money? 

40 DiNapoli Calls For End To Discrimination At ExxonMobil

40 Health Department Launches Ad Campaign Highlighting Free, Confidential Counseling Services for New Yorkers Affected By Hurricane Sandy

40 DiNapoli Releases Report on Proposed NYS DREAM Act

40 DiNapoli: State Pension Fund Valued At All–Time High Of $160.4 Billion

40  DiNapoli Stops $21.2 Million in Dubious Tax Refunds

40 DiNapoli Reaches Agreement With Five Companies To Disclose Political Spending

40 The Health Department launched a new ad campaign encouraging consumers to choose products with less sodium

40 NYC celebrates National Volunteer Week, April 21-27

40 New York’s Heavy Debt Burden Limits Options

40 DiNapoli: Audit Links Six Downstate Dentists to $2.3 Million Medicaid Fraud

40 DiNapoli: PepsiCo to Disclose Lobbying and Trade Association Ties (03/24/2013)

40 DiNapoli Honors Chinese–American Community Leaders at Lunar New Year Celebration (03/03/2012)

40 NYC Applauds Banning the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products (02/27/13)

40 Health Department Launches New Ad Campaign to Promote Oral Health for Young Children

40 Comptroller DiNapoli and A.G. Schneiderman Announce Felony Plea of Former Senator Shirley Huntley

40 MulchFest 2013 (01/11/2013)

40 New York City Hall Library Notes : Books on housing, tenants' rights, rents, etc. (1/9/2013)

40 DiNapoli: $265 Million In Hurricane Relief Contracts and Payments Expedited in 2012

40 DiNapoli: State’s High Debt Limiting Options (01/12/2013)

40 DiNapoli Seeks Disclosure Of Political Spending At Qualcomm (12/31/2012)

40 纽约市社会福利之一 免费学前班

40 DiNapoli: After–School Provider Diverted Public Funds For Personal Use(12/16/2012)

40 纽约市政府发放食品卷标准

40 DiNapoli: New Yorkers Facing $43 Billion in Added Taxes if Congress Fails to Act on Fiscal Cliff (12/09/2012)

40 DiNapoli: Town of Hempstead Should Examine Animal Shelter Costs

40 City Hall Library Offers Old Photos for Gifts

40 Health Department Expands Vaccination Recommendations for Men at Greatest Risk for Contracting Meningitis

40 Hurricane Sandy Update - Relief Work

40 DiNapoli: Improvements Needed At Saratoga Housing Authority

40 Health Department Issues Food Safety and Water Guidelines (11/5/2012)

40 NYC Mayor’s Office News Release on Relief Work (11/3/2012)

40 Health Dept. Recreational Water Advisory and Advises on Using Portable Generators to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (11/1/2012)

40 Messages from NYS Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli (11/3/2012)

40 Messages from NYS Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli (10/31/2012)

40 NYC Parks & Recreation Department Pumpkin Fest (10/25/2012)

40 DiNapoli: Treasurer Stole $200,000 From Woodstock Fire Company (10/15-10/21/2012)

40 Messages from NYS Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli (10/22/2012)

40 Health Department Advises New Yorkers to Discard Trader Joe's Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter Made With Sea Salt Following a National Outbreak of Salmonella Infection (09/24/2012)

40 National Falls Prevention Day is September 22


40 Health Department to Spray Pesticide to Reduce the Number of Mosquitoes and the Risk of West Nile Virus in Selected Parts of Queens (09/12/2012)

40 Emergency Preparedness: Prepare, Respond, Recover (09/10/2012)

40 Apply for School Meals Online! (09/10/2012)

40 Parks’ Adventures NYC: Tomorrow in Central Park (06/22/2012)

40 Health Department Clarifies Regulations to Improve Mobile Food Safety Practices and Encourage Compliance (06/06/2012)

Floating Garden

In New York, we have our pick of wonderful parks to experience nature, but this is the only green space in the city that floats. Well, the only one that we know of. 

Swale is the public art project and organizer behind Gotham's floating food forest that was started by artist Mary Mattingly. Visitors are welcome to step onto a barge and discover the joys of sustainable living through an edible, perennial garden. Folks can harvest and pick herbs, fruits and vegetables for free. The wetland structure has operated from multiple locations along the New York Harbor in the past year. But starting May 5, the garden moves to Brooklyn Army Terminal. It will stay there until July 1. 

A second iteration for Swale will be set up at Governors Island. The project is taking over a house on the island to offer educational programming related to food sovereignty, stewardship of public space and environmental wellness. From June 2 through October 31, you can learn about the urban farm and how to solve issues of food insecurity every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm. For more details, go here.




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