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寄自美国德州 201229

这个词,民主,来自希腊的两个字 Demos,也就是"人民" kratein,意为"统治""人民统治"首先是由古希腊在2600 年前实施的。作为政府体制,从那时起不断进化。


民主的首要目标是保护和促进个人的基本权利和尊严、 追求社会正义、 创建社区的经济和社会发展、 加强社会的向心力和建立一个和平的环境。

因此,民主、 发展和人权相互依赖。

美国一直是人类历史上最成功的体制。民主已经很好地为之服务了近 200 年。然而,过去 30 年导致我们的民主被分割了、 人民被分裂了。国会中的民选官员鼓励这种分裂。

1虽然每个政党都说他们是以民主过程为目的,我们的确花了数万亿美元和成千上万的生命在世界各地保护或建立民主国家 —— 但每个政党的主要目的就是赢取并获得他们自己那个党派的权力。如果其他政党"就这么消失了",另一方一定很开心。

2012 年这个新的政治竞选季节,每一方政党都花了超过 一亿美金,只是为了诋毁对方是无能的、 愚蠢的、腐败的,说谎的人,最恶毒的莫过于 非美国式和不爱国。共和党人称民主党“社会主义者”,更有甚者,民主党人称共和党“法西斯和精英俱乐部”。

肯塔基州的Mitch McConnell,美国参议院共和党领导人表示过,如果奧巴馬当选总统,他的主要目标就是保证让奥巴马只能做一届总统(别想连任!)。共和党控制的国会便用尽一切手段来达到这个目的。


在参议院要想通过任何法例需要 60 票,共和党一直很擅长阻碍任何法例,即使是有利于美国的好立法,也要反对。

我们破损的体制是被我们自己制定的规则损坏的。因为双方没有任何妥协。它创造了"锁定"的体制,没有整体权利的一方 (比如总统和国会的 一个部委) 还是可以让大部分权利无法发挥。现实就是如此。






所以,虽然我是民主及其理想的强烈信仰者,但是我很难过,我忧虑我们的社会和公民已转为内部论战,这是一场政治理论家们 之间,只顾及他们的利益而不是人民的利益的论战。







By Tadie

The word, democracy, comes from two Greek words – demos, which means “the people”, and kratein, which means “to rule”. The “rule by the people” was first instituted in ancient Greece 2600 years ago. As a system of government it has been evolving ever since.

The involvement of the people in the public affairs of their countries is more likely than any other form of government to ensure basic freedoms and equality as well as meet the needs of everyone and preserve or restore peace.

2The primary goal of democracy is to preserve and promote the dignity and fundamental rights of the individual, pursue social justice, create economic and social development of the community, strengthen the togetherness of society and build an environment for peace.

Democracy, development and human rights are therefore dependent on each other.

The United States has been the most successful system in the history of mankind. Democracy has served it well for nearly 200 years. However, the past 30 years has led us to a point where our Democracy is divided, the people are divided and the elected officials in Congress encourage this division.

While each political party says they are for the democratic process, and we have indeed spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives to protect or build democracies around the world – the main point of each political party is to win and gain power for their own party. Each party would be very happy if the other “just disappeared”.

During this new political campaign season of 2012 each party spends over 100 million dollars to essentially call the other party inept, stupid, corrupt, liars and worst of all – un-American and unpatriotic. Republicans call Democrats socialists or worse, Democrats call Republicans fascist and elites.

The Republican leader of the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said his main goal when President Obama was elected was to be sure that he had only 1 terms as President. And the Republican Congress has done everything in their power to be sure of that.

3The Republicans created such disarray in Congress during debate over extending the debt limit of the U.S. that credit ratings agencies lowered the credit rating of the country. The GOP held the people of this country hostage and it backfired on them. They held out voting for the debt limit increase even though over history it had become a matter of routine, never taken to the literal last minute before midnight.

It take 60 votes in the Senate to pass any legislation – and the GOP has been very good at holding up any legislation, even good legislation that is good for America.

Our broken system has been broken by our own rules. There is no compromise. It has created a “locked” system where the side that does not have overall power ( the Presidency and 1 chamber of Congress ) can still hold up the majority of power. This is the case now.

So, our 2 party system has become such a detriment that is damaging this great country to a point where our competitors are not only catching us but some are surpassing us in some areas.

When each party refuses, not just fails, but absolutely refuses to compromise or deal with the other side to find a common ground the country cannot move forward in any meaningful way.

When each party see’s their only way to either gain power or hold onto power by be being stubborn and failing to reach compromise the country and 300 million citizens suffer. The entire world suffers because of the lack of leadership by the USA and it benefits our adversary’s around the world and causes the U.S. to lose respect from its friends, but even more dangerous is to lose the respect of your enemies.

The purpose of Democracy, as noted at the beginning, is noble. However, when left in the hands of men it too can be corrupted and abused for the sole purpose of power.

So, while hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives for the democracy we esteem to have here and for others in foreign lands our politicians are literally spitting on their honored resting places with the actions and behavior that now dominates the U.S. political environment.

So, while I am a fervent believer in democracy and its ideals I am saddened and concerned that our society and citizenry has turned inward to fight a war of words between political idealogues that benefits only them – not the people.

When our politicians endeavor to only denigrate the other party it only furthers and ensures that the current failure of our democracy will continue and damage the society we live in.

To all elected officials I challenge you to find the strength to reach out for common ground to achieve the same goals we send our young men to die for in far away lands for other people.



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